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International Paints.

At RAG Solutions we provide the full range of international marine products.


Check out our products page to find out more about the marine coatings. If there is a particular International marine product that you do not see on our website do not hesitate to contact us. 

We provide a delivery service in quantity orders and repeat orders within Northern Ireland.


Tinting Machine

We are able to work alongside our client to produce a desired colour either through colour charts or producing a unique shade just for you. 

We also offer the service to come out to your location to match up any colour previously used that you may not have information on but looking the exact colour.  

Our service is great as it allows us to customise the colour to suit our clients vision.

Mixing Machine

Our in-house mixing machines allows us a quick turnaround time. Our mixing machine is equipt to handle 5L and 20L tins with ease.

Check out our impressive in-house mixing machine with a 20L paint tin.

Once you have decided on the finish product you are going to work with depending on the surface, finish and either single or two pack requirements, we will then provide a service of tinting and mixing colours selected. 


Our Story behind International Paints

Having experience working in the family construction business which has been running for over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to use International paints over the years on the construction sites. 

Being impressed with the International protective coating range, I have always been interested in becoming the distributor of the world wide brand. 

I had noticed there was a high demand for International paints for marine boats within Northern Ireland and and therefore was pleased to be offered the role.  Sourcing International marine paints in the North had previously been proven difficult for our customers. 


RAG Solutions are pleased to say that we can provide product support and guidance, competitive prices and all marine coatings from primers right through to topcoats delivered in a good time-frame.

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