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Intershield 163 Inerta 160


Product Description


A high solids, low VOC, two pack epoxy abrasion resistant coating designed for ice-going vessels. Low ice adhesion. Low frictional resistance. Designed for operation at temperatures as low as -50°C.



Intended Uses

To provide corrosion protection on the underwater areas of ice-going vessels including ice breakers.


Maximizes icebreaking efficiency. Controls fuel consumption by control of hull roughness.


Also for use on anode shield areas. Suitable for use with controlled cathodic protection. For use at Newbuilding or Maintenance & Repair.



Product Information

Colours: White, Red, Black and GuardRed

Finish/Sheen: GlossPart B (Curing Agent): ERA161


Volume Solids: 95% ±2% (ISO 3233:1998)

Mix Ratio: 2.00 volume(s) Part A to 1 volume(s) Part B (See Worldwide Availabilitysection for exception.)
Typical Film Thickness: 500 microns dry (526 microns wet)
Theoretical Coverage: 1.9 m²/litre at 500 microns dft, allow appropriate loss factors
Method of Application: Hot Twin Feed
Flash Point (Typical): Part A 75°C; Part B 55°C; Mixed 55°C
Induction Period: Not applicable






Thinning will destroy the abrasion resistance properties of the coating.

Acetone is used as a flush because it evaporates very quickly and has the minimum effect, if any residual thinner remains in the whip hose.


It is also excluded from V.O.C. regulations.

Technical Data Sheet

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