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Intershield 803


Product Description


A two pack, abrasion resistant pure epoxy coating with excellent mechanical properties.



Intended Uses

As a high performance two pack abrasion resistant pure epoxy coating to limit mechanical damage and subsequent corrosion.


Suitable for cargo holds and also exterior hulls of ice-going vessels.


Suitable for use with controlled cathodic protection. For use at Maintenance & Repair.

Product Information

Colours: Grey and Red

Finish/Sheen: Matt

Part B (Curing Agent): EGA809

Volume Solids: 75% ±2% (ISO 3233:1998)

Mix Ratio: 4 volume(s) Part A to 1 volume(s) Part B
Typical Film Thickness: 5 mils dry (6.7 mils wet)
Theoretical Coverage: 241 ft²/US gal at 5 mils dft, allow appropriate loss factors
Method of Application: Airless Spray
Flash Point: Part A 99°F; Part B 120°F; Mixed 102°F
Induction Period Not required





Thinning is not recommended for Intershield 803 unless thinning for use as a holding primer or applying at temperatures below 50°F.


In these cases, use GTA220 at 5% by volume.


DO NOT thin more than allowed by local environmental legislation. (If used as a holding primer below 50°F, 10% thinner should be used).



Technical Data Sheet

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