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Intershield 803 Plus


Product Description


An ultra high performance pure epoxy cargo hold coating with excellent mechanical properties, which will provide superior impact and abrasion resistance.



Intended Uses

As an ultra high performance two pack abrasion resistant pure epoxy coating, providing excellent protection from impact shooting damage caused by high speed loading mechanisms.


Will limit mechanical damage and subsequent corrosion from all other forms of abrasion.


For use as a cargo hold coating at Maintenance and Repair only



Product Information

Colours: Red and Patriot Grey

Finish/Sheen: Semi-gloss


Part B (Curing Agent): EGA905

Volume Solids: 75% ±2% (ISO 3233:1998)

Mix Ratio: 4.5 volume(s) Part A to 1 volume(s) Part B
Typical Film Thickness: 125 microns dry (167 microns wet)
Theoretical Coverage: 6 m²/litre at 125 microns dft, allow appropriate loss factors
Method of Application: Airless Spray
Flash Point (Typical): Part A 30°C; Part B 42°C; Mixed 34°C
Induction Period: Not required





Thinning is not recommended for Intershield 803 Plus.

Use International GTA220 only in exceptional circumstances.

DO NOT thin more than allowed by local environmental legislation.

Note 1: For use as a holding primer thin 5% by volume with GTA220.

Note 2: For use as a holding primer below 10°C, thin 10% by volume with GTA220.



Technical Data Sheet

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